My sweet Scooby…

My sweet Scooby...

I’ve had pets to pass away before, but I’ve never been affected by it much. However, this amazing puppy passed away today. This is my uncle’s dog, Scooby. We live right down the road from him and my grandparents, so Scooby normally split her time between our three houses. Scooby’s been around as long as I can remember. She really was the perfect pet. She was smart, sweet, laid-back, and a beautiful animal. I wish one of her puppies had turned out like her, but sadly none of them did. The past couple of months had been really rough to watch. She had some kind of growth near her hip, and as it got bigger she got smaller and smaller, lost her ability to walk, and just wasn’t the same Scooby. I miss her and it’ll be hard going to my grandparent’s house now and knowing I won’t see her, but at least she’s not in pain anymore. I love you, my sweet Scooby 🙂


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