And so it goes…

Excuse my Billy Joel reference, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Over the past few months I have found myself drawn to reading blogs more and more. Having an opportunity to glimpse into other peoples’ lives and everyday happenings (although it sounds slightly creepy now that I’ve typed it!) intrigues me. I’ve tried several times to start a blog or journal myself before. Here’s how it normally goes.

1. Create ANOTHER blog (there are probably a good dozen that I’ve tried to start before that now sit there with just one post) or buy another journal with the thought “Hey! This time its’ actually going to last!”

2. Post/write one entry.

3. Forget I ever started the blog/journal and let it collect dust (figuratively or literally).

However with all the exciting things coming up in my life (wedding, college graduation, big girl job(let’s pray this one happens!)), hopefully I will have enough motivation and inspiration to keep this up. If not, well there’s one more blog to add to the stack.

Most of the blogs I’ve been reading (see my blogroll to visit these awesome sites) have been health/exercise blogs. Which is kind of ironic considering I usually eat the typical college student diet (although less Raman and a bit more avocado and spinach) and my exercise routine is well…non-existent. I guess I live vicariously through these women. I admire them though and now that I’ve got this little blog here, it’ll give me a little more motivation to get my lazy butt to the gym more than once a week (especially since I currently live less than a 5 min walk from one) and create slightly healthier meals now that I’m living on my own (more on this later).

Anyway, I probably should be heading back to work now that my lunch break is going on two hours! 😉



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